What Does Paper Tiger Mean?

The term “paper tiger” can be said to be a direct translation of the Chinese phrase zhilaohu, which in itself refers to something that seems to appear very powerful and intimidating, but it is in real sense weak and cannot withstand a challenge by itself.

Mao’s writing popularized this phrase in the early 1960s. It tries to signify that physical appearance is not always exactly what it seems to be. A person or something might appear threatening on their face value, but they are cowards and ineffective when it comes to action.

Zhiloahu And Term Paper writing

We will now try to link this word to term paper writing. It is safe to say that many students are afraid of drafting this paper. This is because the activity is not only labor-intensive. It also carries a lot of marks. Students understand that with a lot of marks for grabs, each one has to create a magnificent article, which is not quite easy. Let us highlight some of the things you should do to come up with a spectacular term paper;

  1. Do not choose either a broad or narrow topic – when writing your term paper, it is essential to ensure that it is of optimal range/ spectrum. If you choose to go with a narrow range topic, you will find yourself falling short of your paper’s input material. This can be disastrous as it may mean that you will not be able to reach the word count threshold that your article needs to meet.

On the other hand, if you go with a general range theme, it will be effortless to lose focus of the term papers thesis statement as it may have too broad a focus. The problem here will be failing to tie everything to the thesis statement, which will, in turn, render the whole of your paper irrelevant.

  1. Ensure that the paper follows the structure required – while it is crucial to ensure that your document only contains information relating to the paper’s thesis statement, it is also good to ensure that it follows the article’s needed structure.
  2. Plan your time properly – before you start on the research or writing process, first identify all the activities you are required to do and then divide the time you have among each event carefully. This will help you to manage your time correctly.
  3. Use an outline – this will be beneficial as the outline will guide you through the term paper creation process.

However, even though term paper drafting might be a bit difficult, a lot of students view it as something impossible for them to tackle on their own, which is a complete reversal of the actual truth. That fact that term paper writing sounds harder than it is to students is where the activity relates to the phrase paper tiger. As a student, you should realize that you can easily create a perfect paper by yourself. Therefore, never let term paper writing tasks intimidate you.

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