Background to the Term Paper Moon

Although it is somehow difficult to trace exactly where the term paper moon originated from, it is essential to make the point to mention that it was substantially popularized by a popular tune that is known as “ its only a paper moon and ask about order a paper essay.” It was created three songwriters, namely Billy rose, E.Y Harburg, and Harold Allen. The significant influence that this song had to the term under investigation is the reason why we see it fit to start with the lyrics, to enable those who do not know it so they can at least familiarize themselves with the words it; here are part of the lyrics;

I never feel a thing is real

When I’m away from you

Out of your embrace

The world’s a temporary parking place.

Mmm, mm, mm, mm

A bubble for a minute

Mmm, mm, mm, mm

You smile, the bubble has a rainbow in it.

Say, its only a paper moon

Sailing over a cardboard sea

But it wouldn’t be make-believe

If you believed in me

Yes, it’s only a canvas sky

Hanging over a muslin tree

But it wouldn’t be make-believe

If you believed in me

If you visit the internet and write the words paper moon, your screen will be flooded by vintage images of people sitting on a paper moon surrounded by some stars. It is safe to say that even though most of these images are in black and white, the people seem to be in a jolly mood in almost every picture you see.

You might be asking why this style of taking pictures while sitting on a huge paper prop in the form of a moon was so popular back then. Here it might partly have been because the song above, “its only a paper moon’’ was made into the soundtrack of a 1933 movie known as “take a chance’ which made it a popular tune once again. However, the best thing to remember is that nobody had a camera phone in their pocket during this time, as it is the case today. This means that selfies were not as popular as they are in the modern world.

For people to get their picture taken, they had to visit a photo studio to have done. This was thanks to the revolutionary camera created by Kodak in the year 1901. This new camera, known as a brownie, brought about the standard one-dollar photo that made photography readily available to the masses for the first time in human history.

From 1901, photographers did not have to carry dangerous chemicals or bulky equipment to take pictures. The industry had revolutionized. Now all one had to do was set up a studio and have folks trickle in to have their photos taken since it was now readily available and cheap to get one. It was in these studios that the prop of a paper moon was developed. Now all folks had to do was sit on the paper prop and have the iconic “paper moon’ photo taken.

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